Tuition Policy
Tuition Policy

Tuition Policy

All tuition and fees are due and payable upon entrance to the college. Please see the tabs under Tuition and Academic Calendar for registration and tuition information. Those seeking payment arrangements may do so at the discretion of the admission office. 

Registration Fee

Students must pay a $80 registration fee at the start of each trimester. A student may not be considered officially enrolled in a class or program until the registration fee is paid. Payment of the fee ensures a student’s spot in class. Students receiving employer reimbursement can expect still to pay the $80 registration fee in order to enroll. This may be refunded to the student later in the trimester when additional benefits are disbursed. 

Tuition and Fee Payment

Tuition and fees are due at the beginning of each trimester. A student wishing to pay in installments must receive permission from the front office to set up a payment plan. Students are asked to pay half of their tuition in the first week of class, with the remainder due by the middle of the trimester (roughly seven weeks after the start of class). Students who fail to pay tuition at the beginning of the trimester or fail to make payment arrangements may not be allowed to enroll.

Failure to pay by the middle of the trimester may result in a late fee. Failure to pay by the end of the trimester may result in the student being unable to enroll in the next trimester. If a student graduates owing money, the student’s diploma, certificate or degree, as well as transcripts, will be withheld until the student pays. Payment arrangements are at the discretion of the Moore Tech staff. 

Additional Fees

Some courses may have additional lab fees or other charges because of the material used in the programs. Currently, programs requiring additional fees include Welding, Machine Shop and the associate degree program. Please see the Main Campus and Automotive Campus tabs for additional fees Tuition and fees are subject to change. 

Payment Methods

Moore Tech’s admissions staff is available to assist students paying their tuition. Methods of payment are subject to change. Additional questions about these methods should be directed to the financial aid office.