Financial Aid
Financial Aid

Monica Clifton - Financial Aid Counselor

Monica Clifton is the Financial Aid Counselor for William R. Moore School of Technology.   
William R. Moore stands behind it’s reputation of being an advocate for learning life long skills and trades, and Mrs. Clifton takes pride in contributing to students success by assisting them in their financial aid needs and inquiries.

Fairly new to the Financial Aid world, Monica hung up her Advertising experience to dive into what she felt is a job of purpose for those who want to pursue dreams of developing skills and reaching attainable goals.

She firmly believes that a trade is something you can carry with you- something that cannot be taken away from you, and that  Moore Tech instills that in our students. In her short amount of time at William R. Moore, Monica has worn many hats and shared in many of the schools accomplishments. She truly feels that there is no “I” in team, and to be successful, the team has to move towards a common goal as a whole.

Monica was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. She is family oriented and focused on learning to be a positive source of light and spirituality to all the students she encounters.
She enjoys volunteer ministry work, spending time with family and friends and occasionally rocking the mic at any spot with a karaoke stage. Monica is a graduate of Southwest Community College with an Associates Degree in Microcomputer Technology.

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