Moore Tech Employee Testing Policy COVID-19 2020-2021

This Human Resources Policy is intended to explain the process by which faculty and staff will be scanned for wellness and return to work. All cases will be reviewed per CDC guidelines and WHO guidelines.

A. All employees will be checked for temperature variations daily. ALL faculty and staff of Moore Tech will privately receive a temporal scan upon entering the facility.

B. Faculty and staff will enter ONLY through the entrance at the south side of the Main campus (closest to machine shop) to be scanned before the start of their shift. Main entrance at the Auto Campus. Self-scanning will occur in the staff break room by the mailboxes at the Main Campus. Designated areas at Welding and Auto Campus will be determined. The thermometer and sign in sheet will be available for STAFF and FACULTY USE ONLY. Please ensure that you SIGN IN and sanitize the materials you use. Employees will be allowed to work if the temperature reading is less than 100.3F as determined by the CDC guidelines as not having a fever.

C. Records of employee temperatures will be maintained in a private and secure notebook within HR.

D. Employees are required to wear a face covering in at ALL times within the facility, unless you are in your private office away from the general public or other employees.

E. Employees refusing to wear a face covering will receive (1) A verbal documented warning, (2) A written warning, (3) Suspension of duties without pay for a determined period of time.

Moore Tech COVID-19 Employee Policy 2020-2021

This Human Resources Policy Guidance is pertinent to the events of the COVID-19 pandemic. This policy pertains to all full-time and part-time employees. All cases will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Self-Isolation (not reporting to work)- The guiding principle is that employees should not report to work if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, or symptoms that are in accordance with the CDC guidelines for COVID-19.
  2. If an employee (or member of the employee’s immediate household) has been advised by the Department of Health or their personal physician to self-isolate (not report to work) for any reason, for up to 14 days, they are expected to work remotely, upon approval from immediate supervisor. Proof from a healthcare provider is recommended to be submitted to HR representative. If the employee does not become ill during this time period they will continue to receive pay, and are not required to take vacation or sick time.
  3. Returning to work should be after a period of self-isolation, and had no symptoms for at least 72 hours.
  4. An employee who tests positive for COVID-19 or is placed off duty because of a confirmed health exposure must obtain clearance from their healthcare provider or Department of Health.
  5. Employees choosing not to report to work because they are uncomfortable, must obtain approval from their immediate supervisor to work remotely or to use vacation or personal time.
  6. If appropriate, supervisors should recommend working remotely or in a staggered and shortened time period in the facility.
  7. There will be no personnel travel approved at this time. If personal time is taken to travel to a designated high-risk area, a period of self-isolation for up to 14 days may be required or negative COVID-19 test. High-Risk areas are those determined by the CDC.
  8. Telecommuting and remote work arrangements are intended to provide home or offsite location for all or some of regular work hours. Employees must be able to carry same duties, assignments and other work obligations at their home office as they do when working. The work week for full time regular employees is 37.5 hours per week with a scheduled lunch hour and breaks. Employees must be available to supervisors and co-workers during the core office hours of 8:00am-3:30pm. Employees must be able to attend scheduled meetings and participate in other required office activities at the home or off-site location. Telecommuting arrangements are approved by supervisors on case-by-case basis. Telecommuting may not be feasible within some departments or for certain job functions within the department. The employer has the right to cancel or suspend employee telecommuting privileges at any time, or for any reason or for no reason. Please provide a weekly performance goal sheet to immediate supervisor each week of telecommuting.

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