Moore Tech has over 81 years of serving the Mid-South community. We continue to take pride and extra care to all those that entrust Moore Tech with their futures. Due to the complexity of our current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) and all its effects, Moore Tech will continue to share the necessary information to their students, faculty, staff, stakeholders, and other interested parties on our website. Updated information relating to COVID-19 and its effects can be found here. Please preview the other tabs associated with Coronavirus info and resources to find more information. Should there be additional information needed please do not hesitate to reach out to Karen Treas, VP of Student Services and Industry Relations by email:

Spring 2022 Trimester

  • Moore Tech will not be instituting a mask mandate unless the federal, state, or local government requires it.
  • Absence from class will only be excused with the presentation, on DAY 1 or 2 of illness, with a positive COVID-19 test  to the instructors
  • Isolation after a positive test, regardless of vaccination status, is 5 days. 
  • Exposure to someone with COVID is no longer a reason for isolation and quarantine, therefore contact tracing is not necessary. 
  • Students must understand that ONLY a positive test will provide an EXCUSED absence for the required 5 days of isolation. 
  • After 5 days of isolation Staff and Students do not need to have a negative test to return to campus. 
  • In addition, those individuals who do test positive and return after isolation MUST continue wearing a mask for an additional 5 days.  
  • We understand that certain individuals are at higher risk and encourage those individuals to wear a mask as they see fit while on campus. 

This protocol will serve as the policy for all Moore Tech employees as well. Please contact your immediate supervisor if you have tested positive for COVID. We will update the policy as needed based on the CDC guidelines. Please stay safe everyone. 

We would like to ensure that the students understand this, but need your help disseminating the guidelines. Please use your best judgment when accepting test results, we do not want to discourage the use of home tests, as we understand that not all students are able to get to a physician for a PCR test. You know your students best.  We encourage everyone to visit the link below to read the full scope of the latest COVID-19 recommendations.


Winter 2022 Trimester (Archived Message)


We will be following strict guidelines on wearing masks while on campuses, maintaining social distance, cleaning work areas, and keeping hands clean by frequent washing and by use of sanitizer. Please follow the guidelines provided to you by reading the COVID-19 Student Policy on this website.

 Anyone interested in finding out more about Moore Tech and its programs is invited to contact our advisors for more information. We can provide tours for those that need them we ask that you schedule in advance. We will have a successful trimester and need your full cooperation and assistance to ensure that. 

To contact one of our advisors please click the link below

Program Advisors


Campus Reopening (Archived Message)

Moore Tech will resume Spring Trimester classes on June 2, 2020. Spring Trimester will end July 30th. Faculty and staff will be assessed daily upon entry. Masks will be required by all staff and faculty. Sanitation will be required of hands and work areas throughout the day. The campus will be open to only enrolled lab students, faculty, and administrative staff. The campus is currently closed to tours and visitors for the time being. Anyone interested in finding out more about Moore Tech and its programs is invited to contact our advisors for more information. We can provide virtual tours for those that need them. 

To contact one of our advisors please click link below

Program Advisors


Reopening Moore Tech (Archived Message)

We have been working very hard on ensuring we can get each student back on campus to continue their enrolled programs. We have created a safe work plan for staff and students and have received approval from our city officials. Keeping each person in mind, Moore Tech will begin on-site labs on June 3, 2020, at 50% capacity.  

Some faculty and staff have returned to campus preparing and maintaining safety protocols when on campus. There are some faculty, staff, and students that are continuing to complete course work and daily duties via remote. At this time if there are no group tours or other visitors allowed on campus unless pre-approved by the President, Skip Redmond or in conjunction with communication and approval by Andrea Baird, Chief Administrative Officer of Moore Tech. Should you need to come to Moore Tech for specific purposes please email Karen Treas at When you are on campus you will be required to go through the screening process, as well as, wear a mask, practice social distancing and continue to wash and sanitize hands frequently.